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ground - tanuki # 25

headcrash - vlek-25

drift-02 aka22

silkscreenrecords serie ph-07

unstatic ihab100

dual drive ar096

quasi static crack propagation cw11

a disc & a mic sr15

phonographes vinylisés oral48

komatsu insubcd06

a record without a hole ph05

drift-01 aka11

macro static

diatribes&phonotopy insubcdr10

discsection aka03

wireless_archive ph04

deadmedia_archives ph02-03

neverrecord_radio greux ! sf02

neverrecord_sonfunk sf01

radiofreerobots_silicon carne aka01

random ph01

appears on ddaa

prrbrtynnlgjrmfn pfff01


phonographes vinylisés by martin tétreault - cd 50 copies oral_#48 + unedited vynil / 2012.

with : with : jon vaughn . marina rosenfeld . philip jeck . ferran fages
claus van bebber . yann leguay . erikm . hong chulk . otomo yoshihide
clinton green

order : oral : //// electrocd :