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TANUKI#25 | GROUND - C50 cassette tape


the idea behind «ground» was to join two very different projects connected by the medium.
the A side is up on the ground, a portrait of brad downey recorded on a walk from his home to my place in berlin with his voice repeating obsessively « here I am » all the 17min long, this related to his usual graffiti signature « brad was here ». The B side is down to the ground, a live recording of a concert done in the catacombes of Paris for the art kill vendredi 13 event. a special compact set-up, prepared to enter into the bowels of the city, consisting of portable battery powered instruments, k7 player , turntable , sequencer and magnetic sensors, spread on 7 home-made speakers. a 25min crackle mini noise techno appears from the material and feel driven by the particular atmosphere and acoustic of the place. «ground» is a perfect pretext to link those asymmetrical experiences, the tape becomes therefor the surface between the both.