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ground - tanuki # 25

headcrash - vlek-25

drift-02 aka22

silkscreenrecords serie ph-07

unstatic ihab100

dual drive ar096

quasi static crack propagation cw11

a disc & a mic sr15

phonographes vinylisés oral48

komatsu insubcd06

a record without a hole ph05

drift-01 aka11

macro static

diatribes&phonotopy insubcdr10

discsection aka03

wireless_archive ph04

deadmedia_archives ph02-03

neverrecord_radio greux ! sf02

neverrecord_sonfunk sf01

radiofreerobots_silicon carne aka01

random ph01

appears on ddaa

prrbrtynnlgjrmfn pfff01



download the whole track from audition records 24:27:872

dual drive

yann leguay & gudinni cortina

5400rpm hard drive + arduino + mixer + controller + magnetic pickup + vinyl pickup +
7200rpm hard drive + extend mixing board + steel pellets + jack + contact mic + phone pickup
recording : felix blume.
recorded live at anàhuac 33, may 8, 2014, in mexico city.
thanks to eli pinto, mario de vega, carlos prieto acevedo, julian bonequi, angel, and especially to juan j. garcia and aimée theriot.

picture by fernando espinosa de los monteros. design by audition records.