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--- concerts dispersés with jerome fino & arnaud rivière
--- again the sunset : with inga huld hakonardottir
--- cancellled : binary rotative non techno shaped as a silex with aymeric de tapol
--- π node : ∏-node is an experimental platform for the development of hybrid radio signals
--- meanwhile : by gaetan rusquet whith amélie malfette, claire malchrowicz, technical support: guillaume bernier
--- hs63 : a place in bruxelles for experimental music
--- komatsu : with the drummer cyril bondi
--- light solos : with the choregrapher ula sickle
--- le tétraèdre : radiophonic broadcast since 2009 with jeanfrançois blanquet, aymeric de tapol on radio panik 105.4 fm bruxelles, featuring several sound artists jean-marcel busson, fabrice cesario, vincent epplay, propagande insulaire, tzii, samon takahashi, guillaume constantin, arnaud rivière, julie normaal, diatribe...
--- boyoka : duo with the dancer dinozord produced by studio kabako (faustin lynekula)
--- : sound-videos organised by category with h, automatic, monomaniac, aerobic, ¥€$, cardio, sunday, alert...
--- nameless we : with the dancers jonathan pranlas & petra van gompel from the compagny tangible craft
--- repulsive society : is a in collective translating the security aesthetics and philosophy into the art field....
--- roam 47° 05'n 2° 23'e : a special event curated by urs into the exibhition of frequence 1 by leonor nuridsany, a sound roaming with 7 time during an all day wandering arround bourges, with the musicians: computer truck, arnaud rivière, thomas charmetant, nicolas bralet, :take:, benjamin cadon & myriam pruvot. and the team : fabrice desrivot, jérôme fino, mathieu hugy, kiniou, alex korbert, aymeric larvido, yann leguay, maud lemaitre, terence meunier, nicolas thill, yannick riff, vaness.
- incus & malleus : duo with the dancer julien bruneau.
--- rad1o8 : organise a serie of radiophonic leaks since 2008 (le plafond du patron, festival bandits-mages, le moulin du greux...)
--- never_record : pluxus-funk band with pierre aubert, jérôme fino, mathieu hugy, momoï & pilippe zunino.
--- solid gold, jolie, atomic 5.1 : collaboration with the choregrapher ula sickle and the dancers dinozord & jolie n'guemi
--- cave40 : as its name said.
--- radiofreerobots: is a radio show entirely conducted by robots (spoken through synthetized voices). robots specialists but also the everyone robot are discussing topics as diverse as robots' sociology, cyber terrorism, computer linguistic, bio-computing, the place og human being within society, the weather, autonomous objects, ...